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I am a marijuana activist who is trying to spread the word on legalization and the power that it can have on our nation and world. It's time we stop throwing people into jail for being responsible adults choosing to do something that doesn't affect others. We can't keep going down this crazy path of prohibition because the one thing we should have learned from the past is that prohibition does not work.


My name is John and I'm dedicating this website to spreading the knowledge and truth behind THC so that we can have voters better education on the subject when the important times come around. I also own a website called ThinkBongs where I dedicated a ton of my time to finding some of the sickest glass bongs from around the internet so that you don't have to; I want to make your life easier and bring everything to one place.


Check it out if you get a chance!

The time to Legalize is now! Spread the truth about THC and stop the lies!